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TEN is a collective of Paris-based female directors and film makers, photographers, spoken word and installation artists, media professionals, singers, performers and musicians. Launched in mid-2012, we first came together to share the love of our creative work, to explore the cross-overs between different forms of art, media and communication and to challenge, incite and change ideas about how things can be done. In June 2013 we decided to do a collective piece at the Galerie Inlassable on Paris's Left Bank. Located on a bustling street full of galeries, cafés and local shops, the set up at the Galerie was simple. One by one, and without any ceremony, all of us would walk across and step up into the Galerie window. Equally quietly, we would leave it again. We had few expectations, but were delighted by the reactions of passersby, or lack of them.